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​We're passionate about helping you build wealth through property.  Our Principals, Paul Flynn and Santosh Nune are expert investors who own their own significant portfolios.  ​Other team members are experienced property managers and finance experts.

​Paul Flynn - Managing Director

Starting at 19, Paul invested in Queensland real estate for 30 years, buying and selling over 1000 properties.   

As he built my portfolio, the initial challenges he met came from lack of experience and knowledge. Cash was always tight, but he managed to raise it on his own in order to fund his purchases.  He owes a lot of his success to his mentor, Peter Kurts, an exceptional real estate guru of his time.

Paul’s formula has been simple and performed in every kind of market for the past three decades - including strong cycles of boom and bust that have provided a real estate “apprenticeship” of unrivalled experience.  All his wealth was created in and around Brisbane markets and he’s never had the luxury of the recent Sydney boom.

Paul’s investment strategy has changed over time.  He now seeks out higher quality properties in better locations with good yields.

Over the last 20 years Paul has been helping my clients build wealth by following exactly the same strategies he’s used to create financial independence.

​​Santosh Nune

Santosh was born into one of the top ten business families in India, with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.

But through a series of bad deals, his family lost everything and life changed forever.

They had about $15k left with no house, income, relatives or friends.  “You lose them all when you lose money.”

Santosh had just finished his undergraduate degree and was off to the States.  But now that was just going to be too expensive.

Australia looked like a more viable option, so he arrived here with $1,000 and enrolled in the University of Technology, Sydney.

Santosh desperately wanted to build wealth up again so worked 70 to 80 hours a week to earn everything he could to pay his fees, fund his stay and save for a property.

Every penny counted. Santosh used to fast for two or three days in a week to save $10 on a meal.

Together with a friend, Santosh invested in his first property in 2006.  But he thought he knew it all and not acting on professional advice bought a house and land package at the top of the market.  But the developer went broke, Santosh and his partner had to complete it themselves and then the GFC hit.  Let’s just say it was a disaster.

Fast forward ten years and together with his wife, Charmee, Santosh controls a $6M portfolio which includes 20 investment properties spread across Australia and India.

The biggest factor in his success has been working with Paul Flynn, first as a mentor and now a business partner.

“I’ve realised the importance of having a team of experts around you.  You simply can’t do this alone.  There are too many moving parts and you can’t be an expert in each.”