Our clients benefit from our combined 40+ years’ experience buying over 1,000 properties for our own personal portfolios.  Experience we use to help you grow wealth by selecting the right properties, in the right locations, at the right time and price.

Having been through a number of economic cycles, we know when and where to purchase, how to maximise yield and when to sell.

Money is always made on the way in.  Buying well is key.  Our expertise is in locating undervalued properties predominantly in Queensland.

We are not sales agents!

Our job is to source high yield, undervalued properties that suit your specific wealth creation goals.  We accomplish this via our network of real estate contacts and attending auctions – sometimes over 40 per weekend.

We act for you

We give completely unbiased advice.  If we think something is unsuitable, we’ll tell you.

We are paid by you and receive no commissions from selling agents or vendors. We have no interest in any of the properties we recommend for purchase. In other words, all our recommendations are genuine and completely independent.

We take our own advice

We put our own money where our mouths are.  When we find bargains, we often take out options, securing the property.  If none of our clients is in a position to buy, we place the property into our own portfolio.

We work for you

Property is a serious investment and it’s easy to become emotionally involved.  Which is a mistake in any investment strategy as you often end up paying too much, or hanging on to the investment longer than you should.

As professional investors ourselves, acting for you we unemotionally negotiate the best price for you.  In cases as much as 25​% below market value.

Our experience saves you time

Having been investing in Queensland for over 30 years, we understand the market intimately.  We know what areas are growing, staying stagnant or declining.

Many of our clients are busy professionals and understand the need to leverage their time. We do all the legwork and recommend suitable properties for you to invest in.