Below are just a few of our testimonials.  If you would like to see more, please just ask.

I’ve become a successful property portfolio owner

Amelia Pereira
Back in 2011 I was looking for a good, reliable and honest buyers’ agent.  My accountant recommended Paul Flynn of Paul Flynn Property Group in Queensland and I’m glad he did as I liked Paul right from the word go.

Over the 6 years I’ve worked with him, he’s become my mentor and guide in regards to property investing and what strategy would suit me best for my goals.

Paul taught me what to look for, how to do the due diligence and above all make sure I buy well, making money on the way in.

I really don’t want to brag but because of Paul’s generosity sharing his knowledge and experience, to teach, coach and mentor me, I’ve become a successful property portfolio owner in my own right.

Since 2011 I’ve purchased 10 properties, not all of them through Paul Flynn. However, Paul advised and guided me through every transaction, no matter whether I bought through him or not.

In my experience the vast majority of buyers’ agents are only interested in the transaction. Paul on the other hand is interested in people and clients doing well for themselves. He’s got a very good business brain and a very good heart. A rare combination in my experience.

It is the personal relationship that keeps me a client of Paul Flynn Property Group. Every team member is very accommodating and provides a high level of customer service and customer care.

They all go above and beyond of what a customer can reasonably expect. Everyone understands that they’re dealing with people and emotion. They also understand that the best way to ensure that clients keep coming back is to treat them with respect and to provide excellent customer service. This in return guarantees customer loyalty.  This is a great business model that makes everyone happy.

I am very happy with decision to work with Paul Flynn and his team, and I have recommended them to family and friends alike.

Bought for 25% Under Market Value!

Hung To
I’ve been a property investor for a number of years and to date I own about 14 properties. In the past I only invested in Sydney properties, but then decided to branch out into Queensland.

Paul Flynn’s ad on Facebook stood out to me, and I got in touch with him and his team. I can honestly say I’m glad I did.

I do all the research and due diligence myself as I believe this is my responsibility and shouldn’t be “outsourced” to anyone else, I still want and need Paul and Santosh’s knowledge. This is because they are specialists in the area and have access to information and contacts that I don’t have or would take years to build up and maintain.

My first purchase through Paul Flynn Property Group turned out to be a really good deal. The property settled 25% under market value! This means that I am making money on the property right from the word go.

Given the above, I’m more than happy to pay Paul and Santosh their fee. It would have been a lot harder or maybe even impossible for me to get hold of this property at that price.

Right now I am in the market for a 2nd property. Paul’s already put some options in front of me. Now it is up to me to do the research, due diligence etc., before I go ahead with the purchase. However, at this stage, Paul and I agree, that it really looks like another good deal.

Paul, Santosh and their team run a solid business, have good business brains and provide excellent customer service. They truly care about their customers and understand that efficient and reliable communication is the key to maintain the trust and loyalty with their clients.

I don’t want to manage my properties as in my view it is a lot better to have specialists do this on my behalf. The property management team at Paul Flynn are great. They are responsive, professional and very reliable. Paying for this service is a smart investment as far as I’m concerned.

I have dealt with a number of buyers’ agents in the past. However, Paul and Santosh stand out as honest and reliable people in this space. What I really appreciate is that they walk their talk. They are willing to put their money where their mouths are and invest in every property they offer for sale. I don’t know of any other property buyer doing this.

If you’re in the market and are looking for a buyers’ agent, I highly recommend you talk to Paul or Santosh. They are the real deal as far as I’m concerned.

​They walk their talk

Doug Conker
About 3 years ago, I was looking at buying a property on While searching, the name Paul Flynn of Paul Flynn Property Group came up.

I decided to subscribe to the weekly report list and started talking to Paul as well. We discussed what sort of property would be best for my situation.

Paul was very helpful and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. I found him easy to deal with and felt he is the right guy for me.

The main reason I trust Paul and his team is that they walk their talk.  While they’re in the business of finding appropriate properties for clients, they take the highly unusual step of taking out an option on the property in their own name first to secure it.

They then present it to appropriate clients who can decide to add it to their portfolio.  If none of their clients is in a position to buy the property, Paul and Santosh add it to their own portfolio.

Hence we know that they’re not recommending something they themselves would not invest in.

Because of this approach, I never felt sold to or pressured to “get on with it”.  In addition to that it provided proof to me that they really are backing their products and services and are convinced that what they’re offering is good value for money.

I now own two investment properties.  The whole process ran very smoothly.  I can get hold of anyone in the business easily as they don’t run a “9 to 5” business.  The team get back to me within a couple of hours, but I’ve never waited longer than 24 hours to get a response from them.

I’m very happy with their level of customer service, and would recommend them to anyone who’s in the market to invest in property.

​2 Properties in 2.5 Years!

​Hardik Patel
I started looking into property investing a couple of years ago, and signed up with Paul Flynn Property Group in South East Queensland.

Being a newbie in the property game, I really appreciate the fact that Paul Flynn and Santosh Nune took the time to show me around (including picking me up from the airport), educate and guide me. They understand that this is not just a transaction – it is a relationship that needs nurturing to grow and prosper.

In the last 2.5 years I’ve already bought 2 properties recommended by Paul and Santosh.

The process was smooth, however there was a hiccup with insurance and a tenant. I’m happy to say that Paul and Santosh sorted the issue out in a professional manner, and compensated me for the loss fairly and appropriately.

This shows how highly Paul and Santosh value their clients. They run a business and obviously want to make profit, but above all else, understand that there’s no business to be had if there aren’t any clients left. So keeping the clients happy is crucial for success.

I live in Sydney and both my properties are in Queensland. I need someone locally to look after my property and my tenants to ensure I do get the return on my investment. Paul Flynn Property Group offers an “integrated model” they act as a buyers’ agent as well as offering property management as an added value service. This arrangement works really well for me.

Trust is one of the main factors I chose to become a client. Paul and Santosh walk their talk.

Here’s just one example. Whatever properties they recommend to clients, they are prepared to buy and add to their own portfolio. In my mind this is a guarantee that is hard to beat.

I’m more than comfortable working with Paul and Santosh, and I’d recommend them to any of my family and friends who are interested in property investment.

Paul and Santosh can be trusted to do the right thing by their clients.

​They saved me!

​Tibi Har​an
I am so pleased and happy to have been referred to Paul Flynn Property Group.

It’s a goal of mine to achieve financial freedom and independence by owning property.  However finding the right people starting with a reliable, honest and supportive buyer’s agent is not easy.

After a harrowing, disappointing and costly experience with one buyer’s agent, Paul Flynn and his team was a joy to deal with.

The first buyer’s agent I dealt with sold me a property that no real estate agent would touch.  On top of this they also lied to me.  When I asked them how much renovations were required to get the property into a “fit state for renting it out” they told me it wouldn’t be more than about $1,000.  Well, as it turned out the renovation quote came in at around about $24,000.

Paul Flynn and his team saved me.  Although I didn’t purchase my first investment property through Paul Flynn, they really helped me big time with the problematic situation I’d found myself in.  They suggested trades people to get on with the renovation, which in the end was half of what the previous mob wanted to charge me and then helped me find a tenant.

With Paul Flynn you are treated as a valuable client. They don’t push you into buying now; they understand that people need time to make decisions. Both arms of the business operate in a clear and transparent manner, the fee structure is easy to understand.

I can’t recommend them highly enough – I trust them to do the right thing for me as their client.

​Trust is important

​Anaheeta & Visbi Engineer
We have been successful property investors in Sydney for a number of years.

However, as the Sydney property market became really overheated we decided to look at Queensland as an alternative.

Friends recommended Paul Flynn Property Group as a good and reliable buyers’ agent in the South East Queensland region.

We soon experienced firsthand how well Paul knew this area, how well connected he was and, in reasonably short succession bought 2 proprieties he recommended. The process ran smoothly and we were very happy with the purchasing experience.

Paul is unassuming, helpful, highly professional and a very likable person. He’s got a good business brain and his heart is in the right place.

Paul and his team are really, really good for long term property investors who want to buy in South East Queensland as they know this area like the back of their hands.

The team are:

  • Very well connected in the industry
  • Highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed to make sure you get the best deal possible.
  • Deliver a very high level of customer service and offer a fully outsourced property management service.
  • Have their clients’ best interest at heart and are committed to their clients’ success

We firmly believe that Paul and his team are trustworthy and a good choice for anyone who’s looking to invest in property and we recommend him highly.