| The Advantages of using a Buyers Agent

There probably is no more important and bigger purchase than a home or investment property.

There are many reasons you should get help and advice from qualified professionals, who can save you a lot of money, time and stress.

Most people enlist a professional real estate agent when they sell a house, and an increasing number of buyers are turning to professional buyers agents to help them with independent advice to find the right house, help with the complicated purchasing process and negotiate hard to save them money.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A Buyers Agent is a licensed professional who independently works for you as the buyer.  They specialise in:

  • Finding and evaluating properties (sometimes exclusive off-market properties) that meet your criteria
  • Researching market conditions and comparables 
  • Negotiating the best possible deal for your purchase
  • Oversee due diligence, inspections and valuation
  • Saving you substantial money and stress.

Why use a Buyer’s Agent?
What can a buyers agent offer you that you can’t do yourself?

  • Most importantly, they are an objective unemotional party in the process.  Their decisions are based on reason and logic, where more often than not buyer’s decisions are clouded by emotion.
  • They will save you time and stress. They spend time researching and then searching for the type of property you are after so that you don’t have to waste countless hours.
  • They have research tools available to them that are not available to the general public allowing them to research thoroughly and objectively and then present you with all the facts.
  • They are professionals with the tools and expertise to find the right properties that provide high growth and high yields.
  • Their sole job is representing your interests.  Unlike a real estate agent whose sole job is to represent the interests of the seller.
  • There are plenty of expensive mistakes that can be made in the real estate game.  Your Buyers Agent will be able to help you avoid these pitfalls.
  • They have access to off-market properties that you would never be able to find. (It’s who you know – not what you know)
  • They can give you access to deals like mortgagee in possession and distressed properties that may save you many thousands of dollars.
  • They have local market knowledge that can help you get into upcoming ‘hotspots’. This is their job to be ahead of the average buyer.
  • When you have found a property you would like to make an offer on, they will professionally craft an offer and negotiate without the emotion that you most likely bring to the table.
  • If the property is going to auction, they can remove the stress and emotion of auctions by bidding on your behalf with a clear unemotional mindset.
  • They will be an expert negotiator highly skilled in all aspects of bidding, negotiation and real estate contracts.  This in itself will save you a lot of stress and will normally alone will save you for more than their fee.
  • Throughout the whole process, you will be able leverage off their expertise, contacts, knowledge and experience.  

Select your Buyer’s Agent carefully. Similar to all professionals, some will be better suited than others.  

The right Buyers Agent will find you the right property at the right price while saving you time, stress and money.

NOTE: This is not meant to be financial or professional advice and is only of general nature.  You must seek professional advice before taking any actions. The above information comes with no warrantees whatsoever.  We take no responsibility for any actions you may or may not take.