| What to Consider when Buying a Home with Children

Buying a home can be a complex process, adding children’s requirements makes it even more so.   All of a sudden it is not just about you, you also need to take into account your children’s needs and wants.

Kids Love to be Included
It is a good idea to involve and engage your children in your house hunt.  Although you may not want to involve them until you have borrowed down your search.  Involving your kids will make the process more exciting and much easier when it comes to moving as they may have emotional ties to your existing home.

What Size House & Layout do You Need?
Different families (and budgets) have varied requirements.  More than likely as a family you would appreciate ample storage space (Toys, Linen, sports equipment etc).

If you have young children you may want a seperate playroom where they can make a mess and be noisey.  If you have older children or teenagers, you may want areas where they (or you) can get away and have some space?

All children grow up, you should consider houses that are large enough to accommodate your future needs.  You also need to consider the layout of the house, not just the size.  This needs to suit your family’s lifestyle.  For example do you have small children who want to sleep close to your bedroom.  Or do you need a downstairs where teenagers can be teenagers.

Obviously the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a vital aspect of purchasing a family home.  Are you ok with sharing a bathroom with teens? Or would you rather your own bathroom?

Do you need a spare room / bathroom for extended family to stay over?

Do you need a large kitchen and eating area?

Location Location Location
As always location will be top of mind with any home purchase.  When children are involved, location becomes even more important.  Proximity to the school your child would attend is often the first priority when looking for a family home.  There are certain school catchment areas that you may need to purchase in.  This is important and will take a bit of research.  Researching school districts before you begin your search will help you keep your house-hunting focused. 

If you have a young family, with pets, you may not want to buy on a busy road.  You may be better looking for a home in a quite street or even a cul-de-sac.  You may also be looking to be close to parks and green spaces. 

Do you want to walk to shops and restaurants?  Or are you happy for a short drive?

There is no right or wrong, There is only what is “Right” for you and your family.

Home Safety
Is the home you are looking at child friendly or can easily become child friendly?  Are there dangerous stairs, is it on a busy road, is the yard safe and child friendly? Is there a pool – Is it safe?  There are quite a number of safety factors to consider when looking for a family home.

Research the neighbourhood
Is the neighbourhood one you want to raise a family in.  Some neighbourhoods are better suited than others.  Do other families similar to yours live there?  Will your children find friends to play with?  Is it a safe neighbourhood?  What local parks, playgrounds and sporting amenities are there?

These amongst other factors are all important in choosing a fami8ly home.  Once you have borrowed these factors down and found potential homes – Then it is a good time to get the kids involved.  

NOTE: This is not meant to be financial or professional advice and is only of general nature.  You must seek professional advice before taking any actions. The above information comes with no warrantees whatsoever.  We take no responsibility for any actions you may or may not take.